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Our Investment Philosophy

Asset Mix Management

A key determinant to successful investing is an appropriate mix of assets - cash, stocks and fixed income. Using recommendations from BMO Nesbitt Burns' Research Department, we work closely with our clients to develop portfolios that are tailored for them. We will recommend changes to the portfolio mix as our clients' personal circumstances change over time.
Prudent Security selection

For investors with a long-term outlook, equities have historically outperformed other classes of securities. Drawing on the expertise of not only BMO Nesbitt Burns' industry leading Research, but also JP Morgan, S&P and Accountability Research Corporation we will recommend a well-diversified portfolio of Canadian and/or U.S. equities to help meet each client's needs for capital growth.

Once sector allocations have been determined, we turn to the task of selecting specific individual investments. For equity investments we look for the following attributes.

- Low valuations relative to earnings, historical range and competitors.
- Larger Issuers with higher credit quality and the potential for credit upgrade.
- Leaders in their industry with established barriers to entry
- Strong earnings track-record with attractive future outlook.
- Globally diversified income streams.
- Higher dividend and interest yields
- Well positioned to benefit from macro business and market trends
- Good corporate citizens
- Research/Top pick recommendations from internal and external resources.

While we take a long-term approach to selecting investments we may make short-term decisions based on current economic decisions and market volatility.