BMO Nesbitt Burns

200-120 Western Parkway
Bedford, NS
B4B 0V2

BMO Nesbitt Burns
1675 Grafton Street
14th floor
Halifax, NS
B3J 0E9

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Frequently Asked Questions


What kind of experience will you have?
We are a highly qualified team of individuals who enjoy working on behalf of our clients.  We take a collaborative approach to wealth planning drawing on the experience of 5 investment advisors, 2 associate investment advisors and 3 sales assistants.  We have a combined 150 years in this industry. 
What is our approach to investing?

We believe in wealth preservation in accordance with our clients’ goals and values.  Our advice is consistent and doesn’t waiver due to any new investment fads, etc.  We believe in owning quality investments (stocks, mutual funds, GICs).  A client’s appropriate asset allocation is always considered and we rebalance when necessary. 
How do we charge for our services?

We run an all-inclusive fee-based business.  Our experience has shown that complete fee transparency is best for our clients.  There is no second guessing what our intentions are.  Included in this fee is high quality client service model from all our team members.
What other services can we offer you? 
Beyond portfolio management, we provide a comprehensive financial roadmap through ongoing strategic and practical advice, experience, and an eye on the big picture, so that you stay on track with your financial goals. 
How often do we connect with our clients?
As a group we have an extensive service platform which is reviewed and updated on a regular basis.  It is of the utmost importance to us that clients receive an adequate amount of contact.  We provide face-to-face meetings, telephone, Microsoft Teams reviews for clients in other provinces along with regular check-ins.