Once your needs and objectives are defined and an asset allocation strategy is in place, we will recommend specific portfolio tactics to help you reach your goals, and reflect your tolerance for risk and volatility of returns. In building your portfolio we consider fundamental and technical factors. Our recommendations for your portfolio will encompass:

Core Holdings

The core of your portfolio will typically consist of a mix of high-quality holdings that reflect your overall asset allocation strategy. This may include blue chip equities, bonds and cash, either through direct holdings, exchange-traded funds or managed portfolio solutions.

Global Holdings

Investments in global markets have been shown to increase potential returns while reducing volatility, particularly when added to a portfolio of domestic investments. We may recommend global investment opportunities that complement your core holdings.

Alternative Asset Classes

Real estate, hedge funds, private equity and commodities are examples of alternative asset classes that can potentially enhance portfolio returns and manage risk by adding additional layers of diversification to your portfolio.

Investment Focus and Style

Whether you hold securities directly or engage third-party investment managers to buy and sell them on your behalf, we will help you balance your exposure to large and small companies and growth and value investment styles.

Passive and Active Investing

Depending on your preferences and goals, we may recommend a mix of passive and active investment strategies. Passive investments are typically designed to mirror the returns of major market indices, whereas active investments usually aim to surpass index returns through individual security selection.

Income Solutions

If current income is among your objectives, we can recommend a wide range of income solutions such as dividend-paying equities, fixed income investments and income-oriented managed portfolios.

Tax Minimization

We will take care to organize your accounts and manage the realization of interest, dividends and capital gains in a manner that helps minimize your tax burden.


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