Insurance has many applications in a sophisticated wealth management plan. For example, you may use insurance to minimize the financial impact of a serious illness, preserve and protect the value of your assets, and increase the legacy you leave behind.


With the help of our Estate and Insurance Advisors, RT Wealth Management can provide you with insurance solutions that complement and enhance the other elements of your overall wealth strategy:


Income Protection

Replace your income in the event of premature death, and protect your family's current standard of living.


Registered Asset Preservation Plan

Preserve your RRSP or RRIF capital for your chosen beneficiaries.


Estate Preservation Plan

Make sure your estate is distributed according to your wishes, equalize payments to multiple heirs, and offset estate settlement costs.


Charitable Giving

Make a tax-advantaged, charitable donation.


Critical Illness

Cover lost income and/or specialized medical care if you are diagnosed with a serious illness.


Disability Income

Replace your income in the event that you become unable to work due to a long-term disability.


Insured Annuity

Draw a guaranteed income throughout retirement with potential tax savings and the preservation of your capital for their heirs.


Insured Retirement

Earn tax-deferred growth now and tax-efficient income during retirement. This is an ideal solution if you've already taken full advantage of your RRSP and RPP contributions.


Long-Term Care

Receive a daily tax-free benefit in the event that you need the long-term care of a nursing home or in-home caregiver.