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Starting over single
Begin your next chapter with confidence. Starting over can be difficult. You’ve spent most of your adult life building relationships, a career, a place to call home and maybe a family. If you are widowed or divorced and suddenly find yourself starting over again, it can be intimidating looking at your uncertain future. You’re probably wondering ‘what’s next in life and how do I even get started?’
Periodic Table of Asset Class Returns
Canadian investors, along with most investors around the world, tend to have a “home bias,” meaning they invest a large portion of their assets in domestic markets. By only considering sector diversification in Canada an investor could be potentially holding a riskier portfolio than if diversified globally. As the Periodic Table of Returns demonstrates, your portfolio should be well diversified amongst global asset classes to enhance return and reduce risk.
Role reversal: Caring for aging parents
Caring for an ailing family member or friend is a reality for almost 5 million Canadians between the ages of 45 and 64, with almost 50% of that group caring for an aging parent.
Tax Planning Strategies
Completing Your 2019 Income Tax Return – Checklist
As the tax filing deadline approaches, here are some reminders to help ensure you’re prepared to file your personal income tax return, and that you maximize your tax savings.
The CRA’s Foreign Reporting Requirements
Since Canada represents only a small portion of the world’s capitalization, it may make sense to include some foreign investments in your portfolio. However, it is important to understand Canadian and other foreign tax implications of owning investments outside of Canada.
Tax Tips For Investors
Knowing how the tax rules affect your investments is essential. Tax strategies that you should consider such as income splitting, charitable giving and estate planning.
Managing Your Wealth
BMO Wealth Institute Report
Make better investment choices by understanding and reducing bias. BMO Wealth Management provides insights and strategies around wealth planning and financial decisions to better prepare you for a confident financial future.
Rates Scenario
Fixed Income and Foreign Exchange Strategy. Outlines the firm’s short and medium-term interest rate and foreign exchange rate forecasts.
Economic and Market Updates
Equity and Fixed Income Strategy
Strategic commentary on fixed income and an overview of fixed income markets.
Global Equity Weekly
A look at what happened in the equity markets over the past week and an update on the earnings reports.
The Goods
A Monthly Commodity Watch-Tracks BMO Capital Market's Commodity Price Index and provides commentary and forecasts.
Portfolio Strategy
Strategic commentary and an overview of financial markets.
Focus is a weekly financial digest.