Collaboration. We believe this is the key ingredient in developing a long term partnership with you. Collaboration ensures active and ongoing dialogue, leading to a personal solution. We ask questions, listen to you, and add our expertise. The end result is a customized strategy with results.


The Howey Group is composed of a team of professionals with access to specialized services. As a team, we believe that an effective working relationship begins with a thorough assessment of your current financial context. Working with you, we define and prioritize your objectives to create a plan that will build wealth and help you achieve your goals. We also believe in reviewing and revising life plans on a regular basis.


We support a client base located in New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, and Ontario.



Our Clients

We focus on a full spectrum of financial needs for a broad range of clients, including: individuals, families, corporations and government entities. We further specialize in addressing the needs of creative professionals. The shared element across each of these sectors is a belief that people want to feel confident that their financial lives are well taken care of, and we offer the solutions to achieve this.

Our clients often share similar objectives. They either lack the time or choose to not look after their day to day financial matters.

Our clients trust us to help them take care of their overall finances, thereby liberating their time and energy.

Our clients feel confident that their financial lives are well taken care of, and that we are working towards their goals.