What Every Business Owner Needs to Know in 2022

Video #1 - It’s More Complex – Estate Planning Considerations for Business Owners

A Will is not a succession plan; understanding the estate administration process and the planning that needs to be in place to protect your business and ensure a smooth transition is key. We review the critical points and most common concerns that need to be considered.


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Video #2 - The Importance of Post-Mortem Planning for Business Owners

Post-mortem strategies are essential in helping a business owner reduce tax at death. If no strategies are implemented, a shareholder’s estate and/or beneficiaries will face double and even possible triple taxation. Learn why life insurance is a vital part of a post-mortem plan and how it can augment and provide liquidity to a post-mortem plan.


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Video #3 - Strategies to Maximize the Value of your Business and Keep More of the Sale Proceeds

For most business owners, selling a business is a once in a lifetime transaction. Our experts will provide guidance on preparing your business for sale to maximize the value of your company and minimize the tax.


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