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Architect Program®

BMO Nesbitt Burns  - Architect Program®
Welcome to one of the most efficient and effective investment solutions available today. The BMO Nesbitt Burns Architect Program® (Architect Program) is the next evolution in unified managed portfolios, offering you:
• The flexibility to invest in separately managed portfolios, mutual funds, exchange traded funds, alternative investments and other eligible managed and non-managed investment vehicles – all within one solution.
• Active coordination of the underlying investment vehicles in the managed portion of the portfolio for systematic rebalancing, intelligent cash management and effective tax management.
• One solution, one fee, one set of documents and one comprehensive statement.
Proven Investment Approach
As an Architect Program client you will benefit from your BMO Nesbitt Burns Investment Advisor’s expertise and guidance combined with BMO Nesbitt Burns’ proven processes.
• Develop a personal plan for success based on your Investment Policy Statement.
• Lay the foundation of your asset mix strategy.
• Construct your optimal portfolio: a custom portfolio of specialist managers and other investment vehicles.
• Benefit from active monitoring and maintenance: a team of experienced professionals working for you. Together with your trusted Investment Advisor, you monitor the non-managed portion of your portfolio while the managed portion of the portfolio receives daily attention from the overlay portfolio manager, putting the Architect Program in a class of its own.

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