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Gavin Clark
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Working With Us

Our Approach

Gavin, Murray, and Alykhan utilize a holistic approach to arrive at a complete customized financial plan for each client. A consultative approach to wealth management is taken to tailor a comprehensive and lifelong strategic plan, ensuring your wealth management goals are achieved. Paramount to their philosophy is investing the necessary time in every client to ensure an absolute understanding of their individual financial needs. This key component of their service allows them to create the most appropriate, efficient and effective solutions possible. They remain committed to building client-advisor relationships that remain open, mutually enjoyable, and long lasting.

Gavin, Murray, and Alykhan believe it's vital to have the highest level of comfort in place between themselves and each client, so that they can best manage, grow and protect their assets. To that end they encourage frank discussions about lifestyle, current situations, and future financial goals.

While they advocate fee-based solutions, Gavin and Murray continue to draw from the vast array of investment products available in today's marketplace, preferring not to be constricted by utilizing just a select few. As no two clients are alike, nor are the resulting financial plans to meet their distinct needs.

Gavin, Murray, and Alykhan both joined BMO Nesbitt Burns in 2001, choosing it as the firm with the most positive philosophy towards understanding and meeting the unique needs of their clientele; coupled with it's unparalleled excellence in wealth-building solutions, investment research, and corporate social responsibility.

Finding Your Way

Are you looking for more retirement income but not willing to risk your capital? Consider an insured annuity. A combination of life insurance and a prescribed annuity, this innovative solution can deliver high after-tax income today and a guaranteed estate value for your heirs. Long-term wealth management strategies and individualized advice begins with a high-level conversation and is an ongoing process which requires constant revision. Our financial customization begins with creating a financial plan and evolving it into a portfolio construction process that encompasses proven, diverse strategies designed to enhance risk-adjusted returns.

Higher income guaranteed for life

With a prescribed annuity the income you receive is a blend of interest income (taxable) and return of capital (non-taxable). Income is guaranteed not to change over your lifetime and may be substantially higher than other guaranteed investment options. However, when you die there is no residual value from the annuity for your heirs.

Preserved estate value

The insurance portion of the insured annuity provides a guaranteed estate value for your heirs equal to the amount of your invested capital. In most cases, the cost of the insurance can be covered by the annuity payments and still leave you with a higher after-tax income than from other guaranteed investments.

To learn more

An insured annuity may be just the solution you need to enjoy higher income for life while preserving an estate value for your heirs. To see if one can work for you, we can introduce you to one of our Estate & Insurance Advisors. For more information or to arrange an appointment, please contact us directly:

Murray Newman (416) 928-6933

Gavin Clark (416) 928-2800

Alykhan Shamji (416) 928-2218