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Our Approach

Broad-based approach and tailored solutions

Our wealth management philosophy is based on a comprehensive understanding of each client’s financial picture. To maximize the potential of your assets, we develop innovative wealth-creation tools. We think all our clients are deserving the time it takes us to find the unsuspected levers in their balance sheets and to develop flexible recommendations adapted to their preferences.


Our philosophy is rooted in strong convictions

Our experience in the financial markets has allowed us to learn lessons and develop a proven investment philosophy. Because our convictions are strong, we invest in the same companies as our clients and we use the same financial strategies. By aligning our interests with those of our clients, we create lasting relationships based on trust. Here are some of our convictions:
The stock markets offer the best long-term growth prospects.
We excel at finding solid companies that trade at reasonable prices.

We create portfolios of individual securities, not mutual funds.
By investing directly in equities, we minimize management fees and maximize performance. This approach allows for greater flexibility and tax efficiency.

We believe in the benefits of holding for the long term.
And we’re convinced that it’s better to keep quality securities for the long run, rather than speculate on passing fads.

We integrate real estate assets into our strategies because there is no logical reason not to.
We’re as passionate about real estate as we are about the stock market because we believe in the benefits of owning both.

Any investment must provide an adequate risk-adjusted return.
We’re demanding when it comes to the return we expect on our investments because we reject the idea of poorly compensated risk. We always do a rigorous analysis of the trade-off between risk and return.

Our process is carefully thought out  

We’ve developed a structured process to manage our clients’ assets. No matter where clients are in our support cycle, the quality and constancy of our follow-up exceeds their expectations. Our process also includes financial education. By generously sharing our ideas and knowledge, we show our clients and their families our gratitude for their trust.

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