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Many women are seeking out Investment Advisors to have their own Financial Identity.
Many women will transfer their investments to a new Investment Advisor after major life events such as becoming a widow or divorce.      

Top 3 Reasons Brought to Our Attention:
 1. She didn't feel any connection with the Investment Advisor
 2. She felt undervalued in the relationship and was not included
     in the Investment Conversations
 3. She didn't feel that the Investment Advisor had an 
     understanding or even sought to obtain an understanding in  
     regards to what her priorities, goals and fears were.               
As women – you are the birthday organizers, the interior decorators, the career masters, the nose wipers, the event planners, the doctor appointment bookers, the caregivers, the gardeners, the taxi drivers, the nutrionists and the family peace keepers!
We know you are busy. We want to take a piece off your big plate so you can focus on your world. Financial stress or worry is the last thing you need.

The Dennis-Rawson Wealth Advisory Group support women who are new to investing, seasoned investors or just simply looking for a refreshing investment experience. We understand many women are starting out again in life and we empathize with how over whelming everything can be. We are here to simplfy and give you confidence to live life to the fullest today, while being prepared for tomorrow.
As women – you look at financial planning and investing differently, you have different expectations, you evaluate success differently – it's not just about a rate of return – it's about being confident in your financial independence and knowing where you are going!
Your team listens, supports and most importantly acts upon your priorities and goals.

 - Creating Dependable Income Today, Tomorrow, Together -