When speaking with our stakeholders and prospective clients we have found that, to adequately describe our personalized approach to managing wealth, it is important to describe what it is like to work with us.

The Gruchala Group’s personalized approach to managing wealth for our clients’ includes the following principles;

  • The Gruchala Group is a fully qualified team built to manage portfolios on behalf of our clients; we do not primarily gather assets to be managed by other layers of fund managers.
  • The Gruchala Group is able to access all of the BMO Products and Services that are available to us, but we ensure that we research and find the best products available to you. This includes, but is not limited to mutual fund offerings, insurance products, and ETFs. When there is a need for a third-party managed product or service to be provided to our clients, we will source only the most appropriate product, irrespective of which institution offers it.
  • We are proud to say BMO Capital Markets is widely recognized as having many of the most awarded analysts and research reports in North America. To compliment this, we have a very finely tuned and evolving proprietary process of identifying the very best of both the quantitative, as well as qualitative research in the market to ensure our guidance is rooted in the Highest Quality Information.
  • Our core competencies are Investment Management, Financial Planning, and Custom Analyses/Financial Project Management (Personal & Corporate). All our clients require estate planning and many also require access to specialized services such as private equity and business transition financing. We have built valued relationships with top professionals in these fields, and have developed a personalized approach that allows us to guide our clients and efficiently coordinate these needs in the true spirit of holistic wealth management.
  • For both reasons of sustaining our competitive advantage, as well as having a deep appreciation of professional succinctness; what The Gruchala Group does is best communicated in our personalized approach to analyzing your current situation and presenting you with a demonstration of what we are doing for our clients in a similar situation to your own. Our meaningful conversation is designed to clearly and empirically demonstrate the added relevance the unique group setting can add to your current wealth management approach.