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Brian Condie, CFP, FCSI

Investment Advisor and Financial Planner

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Brian Condie, CFP, FCSI

2 St. Clair Ave. West
19th Floor
Toronto, ON
M4V 1L5

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Retirement Income Specialist

All retirement planning advice isn’t equal

Retirement for many Canadians may seem like venturing into uncharted waters. A Canadian retiring today is facing the possibility of 2 or 3 decades of rising living costs, extremely volatile stock markets, and record low interest rates. This coupled with the fact that many private companies are doing away with defined benefit pension plans leaves many asking the question, 'Will I be OK?'

For over 20 years, Brian has a developed a specialty in dealing with retirees and those about to retire who want to protect their capital and insure their money lasts. He and his team understand well the challenges retirees face in the current environment; both financially and emotionally. Not only has the model for retirement changed for this generation of Canadians, but the math is different when you transition from accumulating your nest egg to beginning the process of drawing down your next egg to support your lifestyle. If you grew your assets at 6%, it does not mean you can necessarily draw them down at 6% - this is something that many retirees have not anticipated.

Among other things, Brian's checklist includes:




  • Develop a comprehensive retirement plan

  • Assists you in understanding and avoiding the true hidden risks of retirement investing

  • Ensures you have adequate income buffers for periods of heightened market volatility

  • Reviews with you with options to offset record low interest rates

  • Draws upon years of experience dealing with retirees to help take the emotion out of investment decisions


Hundreds of retirees have used Brian's advice to avoid the mistakes made by many retirees. Brian is regarded as a local expert in the financial risks and opportunities for retirees having completed the rigorous Certified Financial Planner certification and numerous tax and estate planning courses.


For more information or to arrange a personal meeting, please select "contact me."