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Brian Condie, CFP, FCSI

Investment Advisor and Financial Planner

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Brian Condie, CFP, FCSI

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Moving Through Life's Transitions

Even Positive Transitions are Not Easy

You have just been offered an early retirement package due to corporate restructuring. Or perhaps it is time to wind up a family business or sell your home. You or someone you love may be dealing with the hard realities of a separation or divorce.

Even if you were not caught by surprise when it comes to a life transition, it can be a difficult time both financially and emotionally.

While you are trying to adjust to all of the personal ramifications, you are also being asked to make some important financial decisions that will affect your future security. Maybe your company has given you an outline of your options, or you have seen a lawyer.  Perhaps you have even attended a seminar on how to properly transition – but you’ve still got more questions than answers.

Whether you are caught up in a career transition, downsizing, or dealing with a separation or divorce, you need someone who can show you how the options available to you integrate with your other financial resources. Once you have the complete picture, you can decide what the next best steps should be.

Whatever your situation, if you are at one of these major life transition points, my team and I can help. We understand that you are facing many decisions which are difficult and that not all decisions are about money. However, once your financial situation is clear, you can begin to resolve the other issues.

We have the experience in these matters along with the skills and analytical tools to help you make informed decisions. We can help you understand the various options, analyze the tax implications, and help you integrate the important financial decisions with your bigger financial goals. Together we can determine a plan that is right for you.

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