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Brian Condie, CFP, FCSI

Investment Advisor and Financial Planner

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Brian Condie, CFP, FCSI

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Women and Wealth

We live in turbulent times. While today's environment affects us all, women investors are faced with unique hurdles that can make the path to financial security more challenging. Consider:

  • Nearly 50% of women over 65 are widowed
  • Over 70% of nursing home residents over 65 are women
  • Statistically women fair worse financially after a divorce than men
  • Women live longer than men by an average of 5 years and can need 20% more income in retirement
  • Canadian statistics show that for every $1 a man earns a woman earns $.80

    While the above statistics show some of the challenges facing women investors, women have historically been great at multi-tasking, developing relationships, communicating, and working together with others. If you are like most women, these attributes have served you well all of your life and are the exact strengths that can be applied to helping you manage your money. In fact, many of Brian's women clients have portfolios that consistently outperform their male counterparts over time due to their adherence to utilizing their inherent strengths and then applying these strengths to their finances.

    Brian understands very well the importance of chemistry in dealing with women investors as well as the many hats a woman has to wear within her family and social circles. He invests a lot of time to understand your purpose, discuss with you your thoughts, and review with you the concerns you have about money or investments as a whole.

    Whether you are want to understand your investments better to feel more confident in your ability to make great financial decisions or you need to answer some of the hard questions such as 'Will I outlive my retirement income?' or 'What will happen to me if my health fails?', Brian's holistic and educational process will provide a fresh new prospective on what money can do for you and inspire you to take charge of your money.

    For more information or to arrange a personal meeting, please select "contact me."