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The Indomitable Human Spirit (Winter 2022)

We may be reminded about the human capacity to advance through hardship with perseverance – a message that may be fitting when considering our investing perspectives as we look to the year ahead. As we look forward to 2022, hopefully we will all be able to move forward, perhaps a little bit more resilient.
We would like to take this opportunity to send our appreciation for your confidence in our services. Wishing you an abundance of health, happiness, hope and prosperity for the coming year.

Are You Checking Too Frequently? (Autumn 2021)

According to recent reports, investors using a U.S. discount brokerage platform are checking their portfolios at an alarming rate of seven times per day. However, frequent portfolio checking may be hazardous to your investing health. My autumn newsletter offers some perspectives on behavioural finance and its influence on decision making.

For 2021: Brighter Days Ahead (Winter 2021)

While the cooler months have brought a resurgence of the virus and new shutdowns, we shouldn’t overlook the potential for economic rebound.

As we look forward, remember that even the worst periods of retrenchment have been followed by new growth, economic expansion and progressing equity values. Moreover, as we have seen in 2020, equity markets don’t wait on the sidelines for recovery to happen.

The Unprecedented Speed of Change (Fall 2020)

As we continue to battle Covid-19, we find ourselves living through a period of extreme change. Investing requires shifting gears on a continuous basis to adapt for these changes, and that is why I am here to provide support. 

Maintaining the Long View (Summer 2020) 

Summer is usually the time for leisurely pursuits, but this year we face new challenges. In the near term, we are likely to see ongoing equity market volatility as economic data and earnings are expected to reflect the impact of the spring economic shutdowns. During these times, try and maintain a longer-term perspective.