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Kavaughn Boismier

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Kavaughn Boismier
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Woman of Influence

I approach my role as an investment advisor differently. This can be explained by three reasons:
come from a wealth management background, I embrace & leverage technology, AND, I am a woman.
Below you will find a cronicle of the different way's that I participate in the community. I celebrate education, give generously to our youth, advocate for Windsor Essex (and all it has to offer), and embrace diversity.

When I was 15, I wanted to be a Business Woman. I knew I wanted to work in Finance and that I wanted to help people. I pictured myself single with no children. Forever. And then in 2009 I met and became engaged to the Love of my Life - Jason. Becoming a Wife and a Mother, in addition to becoming a Business Woman, have been the most enjoyable milestones of my Life! I am happy. I am humble. I am perfectly content living my life just the way it has grown to be. This May, my family and I have been given the privilege of being featured in the up-and-coming "Neighbour's of LaSalle Magazine".

Our article is called "Positivity Personified". On a daily basis we strive to practice gratitude and walk in a life of hard work, dedication, and gratefulness. We keep each other in check. We keep each other laughing. Being a Business Woman is not always easy. Nor is being a Wife, a Mother, a Friend, a Mentor. But all of these roles are so crucial to living a fulfilled life - to me anyways :). Wishing everyone all of their life's wishes. I'm so blessed to have achieved many of mine. Thank you to Vanessa Mueller of Best Version Media, for taking good care of us.


On March 23-24th, 2018, the Odette School of Business hosted its first ever Undergraduate Financial Case Competition. With invitations being sent to top Canadian and American universities, the Border City Financial Case Competition will focused on some of today’s most rapidly growing industries.

I along with 8 other individuals ( Me being the only Femal Judge!), had the priveledge of rating the teams and awarding 1st, 2nd and 3rd place prizes to three amazing Teams from around the Province!

Delegates were tasked tasked with preparing cases in two components: a Prepared Case involving an industry evaluation, and a Disruptor Case presenting an unexpected operational issue that must be solved. This student-run event was organized by a staff of over 30, and was hosted at the University of Windsor’s EPICentre and Odette School of Business. Thank yo to Nico Fazio for Directing the event. It was an incredible experience and I am so humbled to have participated as a Judge.

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Congrats to the Winning Team from Ryerson University in Toronto! 


On March 8th 2018 we set out to the WEST International Women's Day Gala. The event is an opportunity to honour the amazing women in our community, plus acknowledge individuals, businesses and organizations through recognition in WEST's 2018 Journey Towards Success Award. Although it was a Women's day event, there were many Men in attendance.

Many successful women agree that we have been inspired by Men and Women to achieve our success. Hat's off to both genders and to all who were in attendance! I was a great evening for a great cause!



In October of 2017, I had the opportunity to share my opinion of what it's like for women in the investment field. I took this as an opportunity to highlight where I see the industry headed and to also dispel some of the common myths about Women and Investment Management. There are hundreds, better yet, thousands, of strong women and men who have equally encouraging thoughts and opinions to share. I am humbled to have been given the opportunity to share mine. Please click here to read more.