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Kavaughn Boismier

Tel: 519-258-0437

Kavaughn Boismier
Kathy Thomas

100 Ouellette Avenue
Suite 1100
Windsor, ON
N9A 6T3

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The Boismier Approach

Our approach is different. Because our clients are different.

Today we are faced with an exceptional amount of diversity! In addition to diversity there is a greater emphasis being placed on Ethical Investing by our ethnic comunity, by those with a passion for public service and environmental sustainability, as well as by our millenial generation. In addition to managing exceptional, conventional, professionally structured investment portfolio's, I have a great passion for offering quality investment solutions that cater to the individual values that one holds dearly. With the help of the highly skilled experts on my team, I have built a 100% Shariah Compliant portfolio. As well, I work with several of North America's "Top Ethical"  Solutions. I welcome conversations surrounding the costomization of solutions to meet my clients unique preferences - It's all a part of the Full-Service offering that I strive to perfect on a daily basis!

My specialized team of experts and I, are here to understand your life priorities and deliver on our commitment to:
  • Assess your financial goals and level of risk tolerance
  • Develop a strategic and effective in-depth plan based on your current financial picture
  • Put your customized investment plan into action, monitoring its progress over both the short and long term, with a responsibility to keep you informed based on your needs
  • Meet at your desired frequency to review your portfolio, re-evaluate and re-balance where necessary to achieve meaningful performance