Financial Planning & Education

We are able to assist clients with a full slate of financial planning strategies utilizing the skills and experience of our team and our Nesbitt Burns Financial Planning Team. Read below to see the services we offer, and click on the links to learn more.

2021 Federal Budget - English
2021 Federal Budget - Francais
We are pleased to provide a client summary of the 2021 Federal Budget which highlights the significant proposed measures affecting individuals and private companies. The attached 2021 Federal Budget Review was prepared by our in-house BMO Private Wealth tax experts: John Waters, Vice-President, Director of Tax Consulting Services and Dante Rossi, Director, Tax Planning.

2022 BMO Wealth Planning Fact Sheet
Outlining a general overview of 2022's Registered Contribution limits, RIF Withdrawals, OAS Clawbacks, RESP info, CPP and more!

Wealth Planning
The road to achieving and preserving wealth is paved with goals, which require plans to transform them into action.

Risk Management & Asset Preservation
Many people are concerned about their financial security in retirement and preserving the value of their estate for the next generation. Asset preservation is an integral component of any financial plan. Insurance can play an important role in your financial plan as a tax-efficient asset preservation tool. We can provide you with the insurance solutions best suited to complement your wealth management strategy.

Registered Asset Preservation
Learn how life insurance can be used to preserve your RRSP or RRIF capital for your chosen beneficiaries.

Estate Preservation
Make sure that your estate is distributed according to your wishes and use life insurance as a tool for paying estate settlement costs or for estate equalization among your heirs.

Charitable Giving
Take advantage of the attractive income tax benefits from using life insurance for charitable giving.

Critical Illness
Due to advances in medical science, many people today survive a critical illness. However, quite often their finances do not. A lump sum benefit payment may be used for access to specialized medical care when and where you want so you can focus on your recovery.

Income Generation
Regardless of where you are in your life, you need income to support your lifestyle. Put plans in place in your income earning years to ensure your income will continue uninterrupted if you are hit by disability. If you have a family to support, life insurance may be the appropriate financial tool to consider to help replace your income in the event of your premature death. Your retirement years will see the conversion of your assets to income. A variety of insurance strategies are available to either supplement retirement income on a tax-preferred basis, pay for long-term care expenses or perhaps give you the choice of maximizing your retirement income while still leaving a legacy for your heirs.

Estate & Insurance Planning for Individuals
Estate maximization and tax minimization
Asset preservation and accumulation
Income maximization
Lifestyle protection

Business Advisory & Succession Planning
Intergenerational wealth transfer
Selling the family business
Individual Pension Plans

Minimum withdrawal requirements
Tips and considerations

Contributions and Withdrawals
Investment Options

Basic Rules and Understanding

Education Planning for the children in your life. There are many options to explore to maximize the savings for your child's future.