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Tyler Hughes Pinder
R. Tate Pinder

Tel: 403-260-9316

Eighth Avenue Place, East Tower
525 8th Avenue SW
Suite 1100
Calgary, AB
T2P 1G1

Why use our services? It's simple

Through experience, education and research we provide acumen, clarity and purpose to our clients' finances and provide objective guidance.

Investment Management: Often our emotions can get the better of us. They can cloud our judgement and force our hand to a bad decision. We provide proven objective investment strategies that address:

    • How to best grow and protect your capital
    • What your asset allocation should be- bonds vs equities
    • How much equity you should own
    • What sectors you should own
    • How to buy bonds in a rising interest rate environment

Financial Planning: Take the guess work out of your financial picture.

    • We can show you how much you need to save
    • We can discover if your asset allocation reflects your ability to retire
    • Assist in developing budgets to help achieve what it is you want

Tax & Estate Planning: Keep more of your hard earned money.

    • We can show you how to shelter non-registered money using a blue chip dividend strategy
    • We can help transfer assets generationally in a tax efficient manner
    • Provide pension-like strategies for tax efficient income later in life