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George Rogers
Patrick C. Forrest

888 - 3rd Street SW
Suite 4100
Calgary, AB
T2P 5C5

We take pride that we are able to extend our service to institutions, which has allowed us to distinguish ourselves from other investment practices available in the marketplace.  Our clear, precise, and specific advice that we provide is becoming a rarity in the industry, and resonates with our clients as an invaluable part of working together.

Our Approach

With years of experience we have been able to employ a top down, fundamental selection of high quality fixed income securities resulting in portfolio construction that exceeds the expectations of our clients.  Our ability to select the unique investments that are overlooked by others strengthens our competitive edge above the rest of the industry.

Our Expertise

Advisors have many different areas of strength that influence their individual businesses.  When working with our institutional clients we focus on the Canadian Fixed Income market, owning Government and Corporate Bonds.  In addition, working with our Bond Desk provides us with access to the new issue of bonds and an opportunity to utilize institution specific investment vehicles such as the Blueprint Trustee Portfolio and the Blueprint Canadian Fixed Income Portfolio. Our expertise lies in not only knowing these different securities inside and out, but being able to structure them into your portfolio, having you properly diversified and securely invested.