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Managed Money: the next step for your portfolio

Perhaps you already own a handful of mutual funds and stocks designed to build the financial future of your dreams. but you're dissatisfied. When you look over your portfolio, you notice your portfolio isn't exactly in line with your expectations - both in terms of performance and in terms of your long-range financial goals. You'd like to take your portfolio to the next level, but you don't know how. It sounds like managed money could be exactly what you're looking for.

As most of our clients already know, managed money is an investment concept we believe in strongly. Simply put, managed money portfolios are the next step in the evolution of your portfolio. They offer you more of the things you want from your investments - customization, expertise and peace of mind - and less of the things you don't want - hassles, anxiety and expenses. Allow us to explain some of these benefits a little further.

Customized Diversification and Asset Allocation
Managed money portfolios offer you an efficient way to ensure your assets remain optimally allocated at all times. Most managed money programs offer cost-effective diversification opportunities and allow you to spread your money in different investments according to your exact needs. This ensures you enjoy the balance of risk and reward that works for you at all times.

Elite-Level Management
The professionals overseeing managed money accounts are the elite of the investment world. Because they are often compensated on a performance basis (the more money they make for investors, the more money they make for themselves), the talent pool in managed money tends to be superior to that in mutual funds, giving you access to the best of the best. Their ongoing attention and investment assessments can take your portfolio to the next level while you sleep soundly, knowing your portfolio is in good hands.

Top-Quality Service Without The Hassles
Managed money is the ultimate hassle-free way to invest. Consolidated performance reports make it easy to keep up-to-date on your progress - you'll always know where you stand. And a single flat fee ( which is often tax-deductible) ensures you'll always get the advice you need without worrying about unnecessary trades.

The Advance Portfolio Without The Hassles
One way to move into the arena of managed money is through the BMO Nesbitt Burns Advance Program. This program offers a disciplined process of growing your assets through proactive, consistent performance and offers exposure to some of the best money managers in the business. You pay only a single flat fee, and gain access to a more efficient and effective way to invest.

Would you like to know more about your options in managed money? I'd be happy to discuss the topic further with you. And if you'd like more information on Advance or other managed money programs, please give us a call. We'd be happy to answer any questions you may have.

Fixed Income Products

Many of my clients are at a stage in their lives where fixed-income is a high priority in their investment strategy. With this in mind, we can help you customize a fixed income portfolio with the goal of providing a monthly income. Despite the fact that cash is paid out on a monthly basis, capital preservation will be the key objectives, a factor that is important in meeting your long-term goals.

A Brief Overview of Fixed Income Products...

Fixed income investments (so called because the rate of interest is normally fixed at a certain level) involve you "loaning" your money to a government entity or a corporation for a specified time. In return, you receive interest. Depending on the issue, these interest payments may be made annually, semi-annually, monthly, or be allowed to compound until the date of maturity (at which time your original investment is returned).

Among the wide variety of fixed income investments are treasury bills, Canadian and foreign bonds and debentures, strip bonds, NHA Mortgage-Backed Securities and GICs. Issuers include the federal and provincial governments, crown corporations, municipalities and public companies.

As a comprehensive introduction to the world of fixed income investing, BMO Nesbitt Burns offers The Bond Book. A copy is yours on request. Your BMO Nesbitt Burns Investment Advisor can provide additional background and assist you in assembling a fixed income portfolio designed to assist you in meeting your long- and short-term investment goals.

Bonds and Debentures
Normally issued to cover periods from one to 30 years, bonds and debentures provide dependably competitive interest income and a known maturity value. If your investment is held to maturity, periodic interest payments and repayment of invested capital are promised. However, your bond or debenture may also be sold prior to maturity in an attempt to take advantage of interest rate movements. As interest rates decrease, the value of bonds and debentures increases and vice versa.

Strip Bonds
Strip bonds are created by separating (or stripping) the principal amount of a bond or debenture from its coupon payments. Strip bonds are priced at a discount to their maturity value. As an investor, you are assured a known value at maturity and a competitive return. As a result, strip bonds are a popular choice for investors who do not require current income or who are saving for future goals. As with bonds and debentures, strip bonds may also be traded over the shorter term — in anticipation of interest-rate movements — in an effort to generate gains.

NHA Mortgage-Backed Securities
Essentially an interest in a pool of Canadian residential first mortgages, NHA Mortgage-Backed Securities offer federal government backing, monthly interest, a competitive rate of return and good liquidity. Sold in $5,000 denominations in terms of up to 10 years (and with the backing of Central Mortgage and Housing Corporation, an agency of the the federal government) NHA Mortgage-Backed Securities are particularly well suited to investors seeking a regular income stream and who appreciate the fact that their investment is secured with real bricks and mortar.

Treasury Bills and other Money Market Instruments
Canadian money market instruments appeal to investors looking for competitive returns for short periods of time. Issued for terms of one month to one year (and with a wide variety of maturity dates to match your needs) treasury bills, bankers' acceptances and commercial paper are attractive, higher-yielding alternatives to bank accounts and term deposits.

For more detailed information, please read "The Bond Book" located under publications or contact me directly.