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Networth Newsletter - Summer 2019
Networth Newsletter - Spring 2019
Networth Newsletter - Winter 2019
Networth Newsletter - Fall 2018
Economic and Market Updates
The Goods
A Monthly Commodity Watch-Tracks BMO Capital Market's Commodity Price Index and provides commentary and forecasts.
Portfolio Strategy
Strategic commentary and an overview of financial markets.
Tune into The Wealth Experience podcast channel for an exclusive BMO Wealth Management Podcast.
Rates Scenario
Fixed Income and Foreign Exchange Strategy. Outlines the firm’s short and medium-term interest rate and foreign exchange rate forecasts.
Estate & Succession Planning
Top 10 Reasons to Consider a Corporate Executor
Estate Information Organizer
Managing Your Wealth
Banking on Both Sides of the Border
Each year, many Canadians spend time in the United States, either for business or personal reasons. At some point, you may find that you require U.S. banking products or services if, for example, you purchase property down south, relocate for work, or send your child to a school in the U.S. Banking on Both Sides of the Border provides an overview of BMO Bank of Montreal’s cross-border banking products and services, which are available through BMO’s U.S. affiliate, BMO Harris Bank.
Wealth Themes - An Introduction to Artificial Intelligence
The term Artificial Intelligence (“AI”) may bring to mind images of robots and drones, but AI isn’t a futuristic idea – it’s already part of our daily lives. The attached article, An Introduction to Artificial Intelligence, looks at how different industries from finance to agriculture are using AI to their advantage.
Wealth Themes - An Introduction to Bitcoin and other Virtual Currencies
Cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin, are a form of digital money that can be used to purchase goods and services instead of paying with your local currency. They are not controlled or regulated by any single authority and can be issued without any major approval process. The attached article is designed to help you speak intelligently about digital currencies, or “cryptocurrencies.” Although I do not condone these investments, it is valuable to remain in-the-know as market dynamics continue to be affected by technological change and emerging tech investment themes.
Wealth Themes - For Baby Boomers, Is Time On Their Side
BMO Wealth Institute Report
Make better investment choices by understanding and reducing bias. BMO Wealth Management provides insights and strategies around wealth planning and financial decisions to better prepare you for a confident financial future.
2019 Wealth Planning Facts & Figures
This 2-page summary includes relevant and important tax, retirement, and estate planning information.
Wealth Themes
Wealth Themes is a monthly compilation of timely articles and tools from our experts and other BMO Financial Group partners.
Tax Planning Strategies
U.S. Citizens Living in Canada
Many U.S. citizens have lived in Canada most of their lives, and often think of themselves as Canadians. This may be true in terms of national pride and culture; however, their U.S. citizenship means they must fulfil their U.S. income tax filing requirements, regardless of where they call home, and how much time they spend in the U.S. U.S. Citizens Living in Canada provides a general overview of issues and considerations for U.S. citizens who are Canadian residents for income tax purposes. The report also includes U.S. tax reform changes that took effect for 2018.
Canadian Ownership of U.S. Real Property
If you’re considering the purchase of a vacation property in the U.S., it’s important to understand U.S. reporting and tax implications of owning U.S. real estate, in addition to any Canadian tax implications.
Tax Tips For Investors
Knowing how the tax rules affect your investments is essential. Tax strategies that you should consider such as income splitting, charitable giving and estate planning.
Personal Tax Calendar 2019
Tax planning should be a year round activity, in order to maximize the savings opportunities available to you. The Personal Tax Calendar has been updated for 2019 and summarizes important tax deadlines and provides some planning tips for you to consider throughout the coming year.
Tax Slips Overview
In an effort to help simplify your tax preparation efforts, we are providing you with a brief overview of the various tax slips and supporting documents you may receive from BMO, and their expected mailing dates.
Nick Murray - Six Steps to Controlling What You Ca