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For Self Employed & Business Owners

This page provides a sample of financial and investment solutions for Self Employed Individuals and Business Owners. These solutions can enhance your retirement savings, grow and protect your wealth and safeguard your investment in your business. To learn more about how these solutions and others can help you click here to email Larry Kourtis.

Tax Strategy Investing

Enhanced Retirement Planning - Individual Pension Plans:
An Individual Pension Plan (IPP) is a pension plan established for a single individual. An IPP may allow a business owner to benefit from the retirement savings and tax deferral advantages of a registered pension plan and in the right circumstances, an IPP permits much larger tax deductible contributions than an RRSP. An IPP also normally offer the plan member a greater degree of creditor protection than an RRSP.Click here to contact Larry for additional information

Benefits of a Personal Investment Holding Company:
An investment holding company is a private Canadian corporation whose purpose is to hold investments. It is a separate legal entity that must file annual income tax returns and can exist forever until it is formally wound up. There are a number of potential tax advantages including, reducing probate fees (where applicable), reducing US estate taxes and for estate planning purposes to enact an estate freeze and roll personally-owned investments into a corporation on a tax-deferred basis so that the future growth of the investments will accrue to the next generation.To learn more email Larry

Growing and protecting your wealth

Cash Management Solutions For You and Your Business
Simplifying Your Business Life.
It’s one answer to on-the-job stress. It’s also a fundamental commitment of the BMO Nesbitt Burns Prime Access Account, which combines a regular BMO Nesbitt Burns investment account with a Bank of Montreal deposit account to offer instant access to the available cash in your investment account, plus premium rates of interest. Overall, the BMO Nesbitt Burns Prime Access Account means less paper, fewer complications, more direct control of your liquid assets and, ultimately, better rates of interest on your cash assets. It’s a powerful combination.Click here to contact Larry for additional information

Leverage Loan Investing:
Many investors could be maximizing their asset-building potential by using asset leveraging with the attendant tax advantages to create capital through non-registered investments. There are valuable financial advantages to be gained by borrowing against an investment portfolio rather than cashing out or mortgaging other assets. To find out how this program can help you diversify your wealth beyond your business click here.

Insurance Solutions
Integrating insurance solutions into your financial and investment plan can provide significant benefits to grow and protect your wealth. Areas that should be reviewed to assess the benefit to your situation include:
  • Estate Preservation

  • Insured Retirement Plan

  • Registered Asset Preservation Plan

  • Individual Investment Shelter

  • Corporate Investment Shelter

  • Critical Illness
To learn more email Larry