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Tax Strategy Investing Basics

What is tax strategy investing? Well in a nutshell, it about 'Growing and protecting your Wealth' in a tax efficient manner. There are two aspects to tax strategy investing. The first is to take full advantage of the income tax savings opportunities as outlined in the Income Tax Act and the second is taking advantage of the fact that not all types of income are taxed at the same rate. The first step in developing your strategy is to review 'Your Financial Situation' then we can structure your investment portfolio to focus on your after tax return. Click here to learn more

Growing and protecting your wealth

'Non-Discretionary or Traditional Investing:
This is for clients who wish to actively participate in the decisions involving their investments. I will customize an investment portfolio to help you achieve these goals, Utilizing BMO Nesbitt Burns' top ranked research and my own experience I will select from a wide variety of investment options, including Canadian and US equities, new issues, fixed income products and investment funds to develop a portofolio that will deliver results. Click here to learn more

Fee Based Investment Counselling:
Many of the clients I work with wish to retain control over their investment portfolio and play a role in making investment decisions. At the same time, they don’t want to pay traditional commission charges associated with traditional trading.

Through the BMO Nesbitt Burns Meridian, I can offer you a relationship-based structure that's focused on meeting your financial goals. The Meridian Program has a set fee and no hidden costs., which allows more flexibility in terms strategic investment decisions, rebalancing, and tactical shifting. Click here to learn more

Discretionary Managed Accounts:
For client's that do not want or simply do not have the time to be regularly involved in their investment decision making, Discretionary Managed Accounts maybe the solution. Through BMO Nesbitt Burns I help you access some of the world’s leading Investment Managers – Managers that have traditionally been available only to pension plans and other very large accounts.

We work together to determine your investment goals and then I provide you with a choice of managers who are best suited to your needs. Once selected the manager(s) then take over, designing and managing a portfolio to meet your needs. I review your portfolio regularly and work with you to adjust the portfolio as needed to deliver the results you need. Click here to learn more

Your Financial Situation

Achieving your goals doesn't just happen - it takes careful planning and execution. I posess the knowledge and expertise to guide you through the Financial Planning process and help make you and your family's personal and financial goals a reality.

Retirement Planning
When reviewing your retirement savings, the one question that individuals invariably seek to answer is: Will I outlive my savings or will my savings outlive me? I can help provide answers to those questions and many more. >To learn more email Larry

Education Planning
With the cost of post-secondary education in Canada steadily rising, many parents are looking for ways to fund their children’s future educational needs. At BMO Nesbitt Burns, our experience has shown that a dedicated savings strategy, including a Registered Education Savings Plan, can help ensure that the funds will be there when needed. >To learn more email Larry

Estate Planning
A good Estate Plan will provide you with the peace of mind that comes from knowing your family and financial affairs will be taken care of according to your wishes. >To learn more email Larry

Transition Planning
In today’s economy, employees are often confronted with the prospect of having to change careers abruptly. The BMO Nesbitt Burns Transition Planner will help you evaluate severance and early retirement packages and ensure that your financial concerns are addressed. >To learn more email Larry