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Tax Planning

Knowing how tax rules affect your investments is essential to maximizing your after-tax return. Keeping current with changes to the tax rules is also important to understanding new opportunities could affect the way you structure your financial affairs. We will work with you and your tax professional to ensure that you minimize tax implications

Making your portfolio tax efficient
In evaluating investments for your portfolio, you should consider the impact of income taxes, since not all investment income is taxed in the same manner. Despite the wide range of investments available, there are three basic types of investment income:

  • Interest - which is fully taxed at your marginal tax rate

  • Capital gains - pay tax on 50% of a capital gain

  • Dividends – Canadian dividends also receive special tax treatment through federal and provincial dividend gross-up and tax credit mechanisms. A new dividend tax regime exists for dividends paid by a Canadian corporation to a Canadian individual investor after 2005 which results in lower effective tax rates for these "eligible” dividends

Donate appreciated securities
The benefits of making a charitable donation are countless – from helping those in need; to the personal satisfaction we feel when giving something back to a cause we feel passionate about. With proper planning, you can also reduce your income tax liability and maximize the value of your donation. Please click here for more information.

Canadian Snowbirds & US Income Tax
If you are a Snowbird , you should be aware of the potential liability to pay U.S. Income Tax on the same basis as a permanent resident of the U.S.