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Women and Wealth

Women and Wealth


What's Holding you Back?

COVID-19 has made us all rethink our priorities, our physical safety, emotional well-being and finances.
It is time to Think Wealth Management.

Read the full Women in Wealth report here.

Women Inspire Women

 Be bold

 Do not procrastinate

 Take action

 Read the Women's Guide to Financial readiness here.


At BMO, we’re committed to real financial progress for every woman so they’re prepared to seize every opportunity. BMO For Women has a number of resources available for your viewing. Here are some of my favourites:

How To Turn Financial Anxiety Into Action 
In addition to day-to-day concerns, women report feeling anxious about running out of money in retirement, becoming sick and unable to work, and needing to financially support a loved one. For some, anxiety is a motivator to take action. For others it fuels avoidance.

Whatever your reaction, know it is human to be emotional about money. The problem isn’t that you have feelings about your finances; it is what you do with them.

Behavioral finance is the study of how psychology impacts financial habits and decision-making. While finance is often viewed as a logical, intellectual exercise, behavioral finance has shown that money management and investing is heavily influenced by human thoughts and feelings. The good news is once you are aware of what you are feeling, then you can use that information to make better financial choices.

This article highlights five steps for turning your anxiety about money into positive actions. Read more here.

Teaching My Family To Give: How To Make Your Family’s Charitable Engagement More Rewarding

Involve your whole family in the selection process. Focus on common, shared family values and look for charities that support them.

There is no right or wrong way to give. What matters most is that it’s not just you but your family helping others. Family philanthropy reinforces values like empathy, compassion, and generosity, and can help turn the next generation into lifelong activists and philanthropists.

This article walks you through how you can make your family's chararitable giving more rewarding. Read more here.

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