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Financial Advisory Services

Making Your Vision a Reality

Our financial advisory work translates a client’s current situation and vision for their future state into tangible financial goals and objectives, so that we can properly advise on how to organize his or her finances to provide the best possible chance of meeting his or her objectives. This understanding provides us with an investment context and the client with peace of mind that decisions are being made within an overall plan framework.

Step 1: Discovery

  • Develop a comprehensive understanding of your current financial situation
  • Begin to articulate a vivid description of your goals over the next 5, 10, and 20 years

Step 2: Analysis and Strategy

  • Translate non-financial needs/goals into financial objectives
  • Build a roadmap linking your current state and future state

Step 3: Solutions and Service
Develop thoughtful solutions tailored to your objectives drawing from world-class firm resources. Common wealth management concepts we consider:

  • Planning for tax-efficient income
  • The importance of having a will and communicating your wishes
  • Joint ownership of property with right of survivorship
  • Estate preservation and protecting your family through trusts