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Working With Us

When you work with Darren K. Morcom, BBA, CFP®, CFA and his team you are working with an investment expert and financial professional. We take an in-depth interest in your goals, and act as personal counsel for all your wealth management needs.

You'll enjoy access to a wide range of wealth management services, including investment products, banking and credit solutions, business financial services, estate planning and trust services, financial planning, and asset and income preservation through insurance planning.

Working with The Morcom Wealth Management Group gives you time to pursue other interests, you will be confident in the knowledge that someone who understands your personal needs is overseeing the development and implementation of your wealth management strategy. You will always be well-informed and able to make wise decisions about your life and your assets.

10 Reasons To Invest With Us

1) The Plan

The first step in our relationship is a plan. Whether you are saving for retirement or are currently enjoying retirement, achieving your goals during this phase of life just doesn't happen, it takes careful planning and execution. Advocis (the Canadian Association of Financial Planners) recommends six key steps to the financial planning process.
  1. Clarify your current financial position
  2. Identify measurable goals and objectives
  3. Identify financial barriers or issues
  4. Provide alternative solutions to create a strategy
  5. Implement the strategy
  6. Periodically review and adjust the plan
With our sophisticated financial planning software we help you develop, implement, and monitor your plan. This information can help you paint a more realistic picture of your financial position. We will apply our knowledge, expertise and resources to guide you through a financial planning process that's designed to help make your personal, family and financial goals a reality.

Once our plan is in place what else can you expect?

2) Communication

It is our job to be in touch with you regularly. We will always respond promptly. Whether you prefer to meet in person, call on the telephone or e-mail us, we can work with you in your medium of choice. Our state-of-the-art technology gives you constant access to the team you count on for so much.

3) Reporting

Our team provides a full range of quarterly statements (monthly in some cases), transaction statements, tax reporting, and rate-of-return analysis. Furthermore, we e-mail regular market commentary to clients who have requested such timely insight.

4) Wealth Management - A Family Affair

We worry not only about you but your entire family. We firmly believe that wealth management is a family affair. In order to attain your family's goals, it is important to know where you are today, where you want to go, and how you are going to get there.

We strive to help you focus on the emotional as well as the financial aspects of family wealth management. Working collaboratively with you, your family, and members of your wealth management team, we will recommend customized strategies for achieving all of your wealth management objectives.

Our integrated and multi-disciplinary wealth management process addresses all aspects of managing, protecting and transferring wealth-including investments, insurance, taxes, estates, retirement, cash management, planned giving, trusts and wills. We follow a structured approach to family wealth management, because we believe it's important to address the whole picture, and leaving nothing to chance.

5) Investment Solutions To Meet Your Unique Needs

We offer one of the most comprehensive selections of investment products and services in Canada, backed by the country's top investment research. Each year since 1980, BMO Capital Markets (the research arm of BMO Nesbitt Burns) has been recognized as Canada's number one investment research organization. Whether you're looking for the growth potential of equities, the safety of fixed income, or the broad diversification of managed funds and portfolio solutions, we can put a world of investment solutions at your fingertips.

6) Partnerships

Our experience and reputation, built over the years, provides us with access to key people within BMO Financial Group and the financial and business communities at large. These relationships enable us to provide you with access to a complete range of wealth management services, including tax, estate and financial planning.

7) Estate and Tax Planning

We strive to ensure that you and your family are looked after for generations to come. An estate plan is a key component of your overall wealth management strategy. Your family will appreciate the care you took to provide for them, and to spare them the burden of putting your affairs in order during a most difficult time. With planning, you can maximize the value of your estate, minimize taxes, have control over how your estate is distributed, and help avoid conflict among your beneficiaries. We can help identify estate planning opportunities and issues, engage experts to advise you on strategies that suit your circumstances, and oversee the successful implementation of your personal estate plan. We can also introduce you to BMO Trust Company, if you want to appoint a corporate executor.

Through BMO Trust, we can also offer you the unique protection and tax saving potential of trusts. A trust is a legal structure that can be set up immediately or upon your death. Its function may be to reduce taxes or protect your beneficiaries from themselves or others by placing explicit limits on how, when, and by whom your assets may be accessed. Trusts are one of many tools we may recommend to give you greater security and peace of mind.

8) Insurance

We plan for the unexpected. Asset preservation is an integral component of any financial plan, and there are a variety of insurance strategies that can help you meet this goal throughout your life.

Starting from early in life, insurance strategies can help protect your family's standard of living in case of an unexpected event, such as serious illness, long-term disability, or premature death. Insurance can provide steady income or a lump sum payment at a time when it's needed most. It can also be used as a tool to build tax-efficient wealth, particularly if you've already taken full advantage of your RRSP and RPP.

Later in life, insurance strategies can provide supplemental retirement income on a tax-deferred basis, as well as a financial buffer in the event that long-term medical care is required. With proper insurance planning, it is possible to enjoy considerable income throughout your retirement while also preserving the value of your estate for your future heirs.

Finally, when the time comes to transfer your wealth to the next generation, insurance can provide a mechanism to offset taxes and other estate settlement costs that could otherwise significantly diminish your legacy.

Whatever stage of life you are at, we can coordinate with our Estate and Insurance Advisors to recommend insurance solutions that will complement your overall wealth management strategy and provide greater peace of mind.

9) Succession Planning

We can help you plan for the future. If you own a business, it may be your single most valuable asset. As such, planning the succession of your business can be a very significant part of your overall wealth management strategy.

Succession planning is a process-not an event-and should typically begin three to five years in advance of any anticipated change. A good plan integrates all aspects of your wealth strategy, including estates and trusts, investments, tax planning and philanthropic goals. Proper planning can ensure the ongoing stewardship of the business you've worked so hard to build, and adds to the long-term financial security of your family. Drawing on the expertise of the BMO Financial Group, we can assist you with planning for retirement and the transition of management and ownership of your business, whether it's to family, employees, or a third party.

10) Charitable Planning

We can help you make a difference. If making the world a better place is important to you, BMO Nesbitt Burns can help you achieve philanthropic objectives through a variety of tax-efficient planned giving strategies. There are a number of options to choose from, such as giving cash, securities or a life insurance policy, designating a charity as your beneficiary, or bequething assets through your will.

Whatever, your philanthropic desires may be, we can help you implement a rewarding solution that is fully aligned with your overall wealth management priorities.

A Wealth of Resources

With me as your quarterback you have access to a trusted and reliable partner with access to an entire suite of financial and advisory services through the vast resources of BMO Financial Group. For over a century, investors have turned to us to help them achieve their financial goals. Today the Private Client Group provides integrated wealth management services in Canada and the United States and has assets under management and administration, and term investments of approximately $300 billion.