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Local professional works to meet changing senior needs

Daniel Sacke, with BMO Nesbitt Burns. completed a comprehensive course on priority senior issues on January 26, 2006. The course is conducted by the Canadian Academy of Senior Advisors, the Canadian licensee of the Society of Certified Senior Advisors, an International organization that has trained over 19,000 professionals in North America. Successful participants complete a thorough examination to earn the Certified Senior Advisor, CSA™ designation. Mr. Sacke has taken this educational initiative to become a professional leader in meeting the key needs and issues concerning senior citizens.

Professionals in the fields of medicine, insurance, investments and recreation require a broad spectrum of information to serve the needs of seniors. Whether financial, medical or social, senior concerns are different from other age groups. The Canadian Academy of Senior Advisors keeps the professional abreast of all these issues by providing education, monthly updates, support and marketing assistance regarding new developments, practices, and research about senior citizens in Canada today.

In the history of the world, two-thirds of all people who have lived past the age of 65 are alive today. In Canada, seniors (age 65 and older) number almost four million and will continue to rapidly increase, leading a shift in population distribution by age never before seen. This demographic shift requires an educated response in how professionals work with the challenges and opportunities seniors face.

As a Certified Senior Advisor (CSA), Mr. Sacke will participate annually in continuing education provided by the Academy. The CSA membership will ensure that he remains an informed professional for the 50 plus and senior citizens.

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