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Returns & Tax Planning

Risk-Adjusted Returns for Growth After Divesting 
After you sell your company, most entrepreneurs don’t want to hit a home run with their investments. They want to buy a few things and then manage their affairs in a way that protects their capital, minimizes tax and maximizes their lifestyle.
We will strive for strong, risk-adjusted returns that manage risk – essentially by selecting investments that have the best potential to pay you appropriately for taking on a certain degree of risk.
General Tax Planning
We always seek tax efficiencies and address the tax implications involved in every decision. The larger your asset base, the more attention you need to pay to minimization strategies.
We will:
  • Help you to draw money from your holding or operating companies tax-effectively.
  • Consider advising you to take a capital dividend instead of regular income.
  • Collaborate with your accountant to help you structure your shares tax-consciously.
  • Manage your income flow through strategies such as corporate class tax deferrals to mitigate taxes in the current year or a corporate insured retirement plan:
    • You can use whole life insurance to accumulate funds in a tax-sheltered environment and receive a benefit payment without incurring taxes.
  • Consider an Individual Pension Plan (IPP):
    • This enables you to defer more tax than an RRSP, shelters your corporate income from tax and creditors and brings you other benefits.
  • Invest the reserve funds in your holding or operating companies or professional corporation tax-efficiently.