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James Oyler
Rebecca Covey
Robert Oyler
Alan Leard
Tiffany Pardy
Dawn Warren
Edwina Macfarlane
Michael MacDougall


1400-1675 Grafton St
Halifax, NS
B3J 0E9

Other Locations

120 Western Parkway
Suite 200
Bedford , NS
B4B 0V2

Who We Are

Not a client of The Oyler Group yet?

If the global stock market crash of 2008 taught investors anything it is that there is no substitute for excellence in the key quality of a trusted investment advisor integrity. We have seen integrity described as "the courage to meet the demands of reality". Or we could say, "be honest about stuff".

Clients can depend on us to be honest about stuff.

We are a team of four senior Investment Advisors and four support staff. We have organised ourselves in a team so that we can talk to our clients regularly. We have many years of experience, and our team has great conviction in the soundness of our investment philosophies.

Old fashion values...that never really go out of fashion.

We commit to investing with Integrity.
We commit to investing in Relationships.
We commit to investing for your Confidence.

The road ahead always seems challenging, for one reason or another, and it will require a hands-on approach to wealth advising. If that’s not the experience you’ve had up until now, we would like to offer you an alternative.

We don’t have large billboards or glossy newspaper advertising. Just quiet word of mouth from our existing clients who we value greatly.
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Here at The Oyler Group we have a dependable process in place, and the capacity to service clients so that new prospective clients won't feel disappointed that promises weren't kept or commitments weren't honoured. Although the bulk of our clients live in Nova Scotia, our clients reside on both sides of the country and in many wonderful places in between, as well as many who live abroad. We are often asked what kinds of clients we work with. We have all sorts of clients. Many regular families who have saved for their retirements and have over the years referred their adult children to us, as well as many self employed business people who have worked hard to build great business' , and through those long-term relationships we have been proud to have been entrusted with the management of many non personal portfolio's such as foundations, charitable organisations and estates. We have all sorts of clients who feel comfortable with the well established approach we take to managing their affairs.

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